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In the Porch...

Fifteenth Century joinery

Fourteenth Century archway 


In the Tower...

Belfry (not accessible but contains bells from 1605, 1617 and 1790)

Bevington organ, hand-pumped

Wooden screen to tower (containng tester from pulpit)


In the Nave...

Thirteenth Century Font (fifteenth century stem)

Booth family hatchments (north wall)

Memorial to Sir Felix Booth (identifier of the magnetic pole, north wall)

Georgian Box Pews

Remains of rood screen (slight, third pew on left)

Three decker Jacobean Pulpit (tester incorporated in west screen)

Mediaeval crown post in roof

Brass to Francis Stonor and his wife, 1578 

Brass to William Saxaye of Grays Inn, 1581

Brass of young knight, approx 1450


In the Chancel...

18th Century chancel rails

East window by Clayton and Bell

Site of Sir William Roxburgh brass (now lost)

Wooden tryptich (above East Window), 1694

Wooden marbled tablets containing the Lord's Prayer (left) and the Creed (right)

Double piscina, with aumbry shelves


In the North Chapel (1577)...

Traces of earlier decorations

Three box pews in oak with unusual historical vandalism

East windows containing Elizabethan stained glass panels

Memorials to the families who have lived at Stanstead Bury since the 16th Century, including:

Edward Baeshe (Baeshe memorial - right)

Sir Edmunde Feilde

Captain Robert Jocelyn

Captain Edward Spencer Trower


Further information

Visitors are kindly requested to purchase a copy of the guidebook to the church, written by Jonathan Trower, and which is available in the church during opening hours.





What to see...

There is a great deal to see and enjoy on your visit to St James'. Below we list some of the salient features; our photo gallery shows a selection of some of the wonderful features you will see on your visit.


See photo gallery

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